Oh, hi?

Oh, Hi?

Welcome here. This wordpress is an ordinary wordpress. There’s no suspicious things you may ask everything bout me here. Yep, about ‘me.

Who am I btw? aq cpa ci? HAHAH LOL

Eva here, guys. Proud Muslim and will always be. I was born to be somebody who dedicated her life to Allah SWT  ;-)

My parents gimme tittle EVA FARIHA. But my friends call me EVA. I came out to this wonderful world in 25th April 1995 on Cianjur. This year, i’ll turn 18th. Wanna know more bout me? You should pay for this. LOL. Ok, that’s only joke HAHAHA.
Okay then……first, just call me the way my friends call me. My daddy is a ustadz, and my Mom is a teacher. They’re my life.

 My hobbies are drawing, playing game, listen to music, reading, browsing, and so many more.

Rasulullah SAW is my role-model and an ispiration. ALLAH is forever my lord. Eternally a proud muslim :)

Want to know more? Follow me on twitter @evariha  , add me on facebook: Eva Fariha  , LINE: evafariha.

Well Done…



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